Who is easy to be persuaded when studying in the United States?

Studying abroad is becoming a necessity in our lives, not a luxury. More and more students are studying abroad, and the age of study abroad is getting smaller and smaller. The students are experiencing more and more problems in adapting to the study and living environment in different countries. Among them, being dismissed and being withdrawn from school seems to be no longer a new thing.

Earlier, there was a domestic news report that “the dropout rate of Chinese students in the United States reached 25%.” Although the authenticity of this data has been questioned, it is an indisputable fact that American colleges and universities are “easy to enter.”

It is not the younger the age, the easier it is to be persuaded. Conversely, students in the 18-22 age group are the most persuaded, accounting for more than half. The middle school students under the age of 18, that is, we are most worried about the group of students studying abroad, the proportion of persuasion is quite low, even with the age of more than 25 years old. Therefore, it is not easy to be “bad” when it is younger. For newcomers who are new to the first time, it is easy to face various problems of acclimatization. The data can also prove that the longer a student stays in the US, the better the adaptation, and the less likely to be dismissed. 69.31% of the students who have been dismissed are not more than two years in the United States, and less than 2% of the students who have been in the United States for more than five years will face the problem of being dismissed.

Compared with previous years, the proportion of students who persuaded in the United States in the 1-2 years increased by 22.55%. However, the proportion of being dismissed in the United States in less than one year did not rise and fall. This shows that many international students have realized the importance of the first year of adaptation, but did not insist on self-discipline. In the second year, as the difficulty of the course increases, the problem of studying abroad is more frequent. In fact, many American colleges and universities are also willing to give Chinese students more opportunities. If the situation in the first year is allowed to stay in school for the second year, it is clear that many students have not been able to seize this opportunity. Remember, the second year will not be taken lightly.

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