A Guide to University Clearing in the United Kingdom in 2019

If you have finished your A-Levels this summer and are planning to secure admission to the university of your choosing, you might have to enter the university clearing program. The following situations would make you liable for clearing in 2019.

  • Those who have not yet received a firm offer from any university.
  • Those who failed to secure their Firm Choice or Insurance Choice university placing.
  • Those who are applying after June 30th
  • Those who wish to voluntarily opt for self-clearing.

What is UCAS Clearing?

The UCAS clearing courses in 2019 are designed to help students find suitable learning programs at UK universities, and if you have yet to secure a placing, you are advised to enter into the UCAS clearing program, which can be done through the UCAS website.

If you are going to use UCAS clearing, here is some useful advice:

  • It is up to you to find a university – This is not something that you can leave to someone else to handle, as it is your responsibility to find a suitable university.
  • Enter the clearing process as soon as possible – University clearing officially begins on July 5th 2019, therefore, you should enter the clearing process as soon as possible. The longer you leave it to register with UCAS, the less of a chance that you will find a suitable university.
  • Be available at all times – Only those who have already secured a place at a university should consider a holiday, and if you have to go through the clearing process, you need to be available at all times.
  • Make good use of the telephone – All universities will post specific phone numbers that are exclusively for clearing, and once you have checked availability, and made a shortlist, you can begin to call universities as soon as possible. As there are many other students who are also trying to find a suitable university, you should be determined and keep calling, especially if you keep getting the engaged tone.
  • Make contact with universities yourself – This is not something you can leave to your parents to do for you, and in many ways, the clearing process is your first task that you must complete yourself, and you could think of it as coming of age.
  • Formulate a plan – If ever you need to be organised, the clearing process is most certainly one of those things that require all of your attention. Start by registering with UCAS for clearing, then you can make contact with relevant universities you are interested in. If you are unsure about anything, talk to someone at UCAS, and they will be able to offer you some assistance.

It is a critical period of your life that you are about to enter, therefore, you should direct all of your energies into the clearing process, and you should not get disheartened if it proves to be challenging. Adult life is challenging, and the clearing process is perhaps the first time that you have to plan and organise something, and by using the above advice, you should be able to secure a place int eh university of your choosing.

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