Miki Agrawal: The Unstoppable Force Redefining Industries and Inspiring Change

Miki Agrawal, the visionary entrepreneur, author, and creative powerhouse, has made an indelible mark on multiple industries with her innovative spirit and unwavering determination. From revolutionizing feminine hygiene with THINX to transforming bathroom habits with TUSHY, Agrawal’s ventures have consistently challenged the status quo and pushed boundaries. Now, she embarks on a new creative journey with the release of her debut album, “It All Exists,” under the moniker Soul Gaze, showcasing her multifaceted talents and fearless approach to self-expression.

Agrawal’s entry into the music world is a testament to her ability to channel personal experiences into art. The album, born out of a transformative period following her 11-year divorce from her partner, serves as a cathartic outlet and a means of healing. Collaborating with veteran musician Happie Hoffman and producer Gene Evaro Jr., Agrawal has crafted a unique blend of dance music and heartfelt lyrics to promote introspection, energetic shifts, and personal growth.

This musical endeavor is rooted in Agrawal’s deep connection to the Daybreaker movement, founded by her twin sister. The global community, known for its stimulating morning dance parties, opened Agrawal’s eyes to the power of movement as a spiritual practice and a tool for transformation. Inspired by this revelation, she recognized music as the next frontier in her creative evolution, allowing her to express her deepest yearnings, desires, and realizations about love and life.

Agrawal’s entrepreneurial journey is characterized by her innate ability to identify stagnant industries and inject them with innovation and fresh perspectives. Growing up in a multicultural environment, with a Japanese mother and an Indian father in French Montreal, she developed a keen eye for diverse viewpoints and a drive to challenge conventional norms. This questioning philosophy led to groundbreaking products like THINX, which revolutionized period care, and TUSHY. This game-changing bidet attachment elevates bathroom hygiene while promoting sustainability.

Beyond her business ventures, Agrawal is a respected thought leader and sought-after speaker on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to women’s empowerment. Her best-selling books, “Do Cool Sh\*t” and “Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman,” have inspired countless individuals to embrace their uniqueness, challenge societal expectations, and effect positive change in their lives and communities.

Agrawal finds solace in the serene beauty of Long Island’s Hamptons when seeking respite from her entrepreneurial pursuits. Her ideal day involves a harmonious blend of physical activity, cultural exploration, and relaxation – from practicing yoga by the water to immersing herself in the local arts scene and savoring the region’s culinary delights. Agrawal’s appreciation for the Hamptons’ rustic charm and vibrant creative community underscores her belief in balance, self-care, and connection to one’s surroundings.

As Miki Agrawal continues to push boundaries and inspire others through her multifaceted endeavors, she stands as a beacon of resilience, innovation, and creative expression. With the release of “It All Exists,” she invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and celebrating the human experience in all its complexities. Whether disrupting industries, penning thought-provoking books, or creating soul-stirring music, Miki Agrawal remains an unstoppable force, ready to redefine norms, inspire change, and leave an indelible mark wherever her passion leads her.

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