Which is the best course for learning python for beginners?

Do you love programming or want to explore this field? The future of technology is highly reliant on programmers. They will be shaping the technology sector. So, it’s better to start learning programming today. If you want to kickstart your career as a programmer, python is a good language to start with. It has applications in web development, app development, artificial intelligence, neural network processing, machine learning, etc.

The list is broad so you will get many opportunities. Enrolling yourself in a python certification course will give a strong boost to your career. To know some of the best python for beginners’ courses, keep reading this article.

1) Python for Everybody

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, this course contains lessons for every kind of python programmer. It’s one of the best python online course. The course is available on Coursera and eDx. It is being offered by Charles Severance from the University of Michigan. The content of the course is based on Python 3. No need to pay anything to take this online python for beginners course.

2) Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

More than one million students have already enrolled and completed this course. Learn python and the basics of computer science from the lessons created by the world’s top tech university of MIT. The introductory computer science lessons feature some simple algorithms, basics of python programming, testing, debugging, and data structures.

For learners seeking knowledge of python and computer science at the same time, this course is perfect for them. However, you have to pay some amount for receiving a certificate.

3) Introduction to Python by Datacamp

Wanna dive into the world of python programming with Datacamp? With each lesson, you can gain an improved knowledge of python basics. It also covers advanced lessons on lists, functions, and packages. In the end, of course, you get a state of completion, which you can use to show off on the platforms like LinkedIn. It will help you to get a job in a firm. You only have to give a total of four hours for course completion.

4) Python Core and Advanced by Udemy

Udemy is a great platform to learn python programming. With this course, you get lessons on software setup, data types, operators and operands, inputs and outputs, and much more. However, python course fees by NIIT is affordable and worthy of your investment. You will become a master in python programming after completing this 11-hour course.

5) Google Python Class

Google is offering a free course on python that has been developed and created by experienced programmer Nick Parlante. Unfortunately, the contents are based on python 2 but it’s still helpful. It will give you some idea of how to work with operators, lists, functions, etc. Later on, you can pursue an online course on Python 3 for knowing more. Merely, it will take 2 days to completion of this course.

6) Crash Course on Python

Take this crash course on Python created by Google to make you perfect in programming. Even when you have no prior experience of programming, this course is going to teach a lot about it. Minimum 32 hours is required to go through all the content of this course.

Wrapping it Up

Python has become the base for learning data science, machine learning, and many other futuristic emerging technologies. If you are interested in learning python basic programs and advanced lessons, take any of the courses above. Improve your python programming skills by practicing daily with NIIT python course. For more such content, keep following us.

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