Factors to consider when choosing a tuition centre Singapore

Though Singaporean education system is advanced however when it comes to understand the lessons deeper students prefer enrolling in a renowned tuition centre Singapore offering various levels of tutoring.

If your ward is not scoring well in examinations for being incapable to follow what his or her teacher is teaching at the classrooms, then finding a good tuition centre is the best option.

While searching for the best tuition centre in Singapore, do consider a few things such as—

Type of tuition

Right now in Singapore three types of tutoring are followed–One-to-one, group tutoring and online tutoring. Now, considering the charges and preferences, parents and students decide which classes they must enroll in.

Normally, group tuitions are mostly preferred. Top tuition centers don’t exceed more than 5-7 students in each groups so that the tutor can pay individual attention to each student.

Online tuition is preferred by students and their parents seeking flexible timing along with eliminating the hassle of traveling.

Talk to the tutor

While talking to the concerned tutor, you can know about their educational credentials along with the total experience he/she has.


Do count on the goodwill of the tuition center in Singapore before enrolling in.

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