Tech Help Tip on Hard Disk Drive and My Computer Folder

Memory, where all programs and contents that you simply write or use are stored on your computer, could be either around the hard disk drive itself that is included with your computer, or it may be exterior storage devices for example DVD, floppy disk, etc.

When you attend My Computer folder, the thing is information regarding your hard disks, classifying hard drive into local disk (C:), local disk (D:) and so forth, also is known as partitioning of hard disk drive space.

A glance at My Computer folder of the organized PC user implies that the entire memory is split into C drive and D drive. While technically, you are able to store whatever files you develop also around the C drive folder, yet tech help experts counsel you to keep them on D drive. For example, should you produce a Ms Word apply for corresponding together with your supplier, it will save you it on D drive.

When you attend My Computer folder, the thing is information regarding your hard disks. It classifies hard drive into local disk (C:), local disk (D:) and so forth. This is known as partitioning of hard disk drive space. Within the C drive, you should store program files and files that comprise documents and settings of your family data related to security purposes.

Program files are system files which come whenever you install operating-system (OS) for example Microsoft Home windows OS along with other software that you simply install on your computer. Thus an average program file folder of the PC user can include:

1. Microsoft Home windows

2. Microsoft ‘office’

3. Mozilla Firefox

4. Home windows Media Player

5. Home windows NT

6. Microsoft Visual Studio

7. Mozilla Firefox

8. Flash

9. Java

10. Kaspersky Lab

Each one of the above system level folders contains software packages which were provided when the above packages were installed. For example, Microsoft ‘office’ includes system level programs that include Microsoft ‘office’. They may be further categorized into specific folders for example:

1. Clipart

2. Media

3. Templates

Your media folder can include the wave seem file ELPHRGO1 which is used whenever you listen music on your pc. Why don’t you click on My Computer now and take a look. Once on my small Computer folder, just press Ctrl F. You receive a menu that reads:

Give me an idea to look for?

You press the 3rd option that is:

All folders and files

Now, within the first option which reads, Any area of the file name, you type ELPHRG01. If this sounds like the file that loads program that can help you pay attention to music on your computer, ELPHRG01 will display in the google listing.

In this manner, Microsoft Home windows, Microsoft ‘office’, Mozilla Firefox, and each one of the

9 folders in our hypothetical PC user contains system level files which contain codes that really help to operate corresponding applications.

Whenever you open your Ms Word, whatever you’re writing is due to the machine level programs which are held in files within the folder Microsoft ‘office’. Usually, it is advisable to bare this folder unaccessible for day-to-day use. Only administrator or tech help experts should get access to C drive.

You may even produce a subfolder within C drive which will include documents and settings related to data security of the PC which only administrator or access.

Now, you appropriately understood that disk partitioning is performed to arrange your hard disk drive in an easy method. You are able to reserve C drive for program files. The rest of the space in your hard disk drive could be split into D drive and so forth.

After clicking My Computer, you will notice address bar that locates the road from the file on hard disk drive. Whenever you click on local disk (C:), the thing is C: around the address bar.

In this manner, you classify your files on your computer in 2 fundamental levels: While C drive includes the body level files, it will save you the application files on D drive.

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