Use of CBD in hand sanitizers

CBD a component of hemp plant has been discovered to have not just antimicrobial but also antibacterial attributes. You should therefore not be startled by the new CBD products that exist in the industry for instance hemp oil hand sanitizers. Having a brand new puppy in the house means you’re gonna have some dirty situations. That chance doubles when you have guests over so get some hand sanitizer and paper towels ready. Manufacturers making hand sanitizers today rely on more than just CBD for the product to work with efficiency. The other extra ingredients you may find in your hand sanitizer include isopropyl alcohol. You should however know that rubbing CBD directly on your hands will not give you the desired effect in sanitizing your hands.

Can I make my own sanitizer?

When making homemade hand sanitizers, the most challenging part is getting the alcohol measure and that is the reason most home owners just prefer to go ahead and get the shelf hemp oil sanitizer rather than make one on their own. This does not make DIY production of CBD infused hand sanitizers impossible. You only need to follow the instructions you are given to the latter. By being negligent, you might end up with a product that is not just dangerous for your skin but may be too harsh or not effective at all. To make your own CBD infused hand sanitizer, you need the following:-

  • Glycerin
  • Two part isopropyl alcohol of 91% concentration
  • Whisk
  • Ideal air tight storage containers
  • Essential oils like CBD

How to prepare

You should start by combining glycerin with the isopropyl alcohol. You will need a clean container for this and then measure 1/3 of the glycerin being used to 3/3 of the alcohol to use. Use whisk spoon to do the mixing and ensure that the properties are well distributed in the formed gel. If you are using CBD oil for the procedure, use at least 5 drops and stir thoroughly. You can also include other additives in measured amount to change aspects like color and smell of the sanitizer.


Alcohol is a component that evaporates faster when left exposed to direct atmosphere or heat. This is the reason professionals recommend that you store you sanitizer in air tight containers for you to enjoy using the product over a long period of time.

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